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Christmas Gifts Covid Style

We have set up ticket sales on line for your convenience. The tickets are sold in 1 1/2 hour time slots.  Between time slots is when enhanced cleaning will happen. Check the drop down menu for times under your chosen date.   

Where do we go?    Heritage Park      44140 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack

Parking?    Yes, there is lots of free parking at Heritage Park.  Salvation  Army are the parking attendants. Donations are accepted for food bank.

Admission    $3 per floor. We have two separate shopping floors. Each floor is $3 to enter.  Feel free to enter the second floor for another $3. Buy your ticket on line or drop in.  

Walk-ins are welcome.  Please note there may be wait times.   

Vendors attending are listed on the "Vendor List" page.


We can only have 50 people per time slot.  This includes all children.  Please leave your children at home to allow other folks that would like to shop.


Please read before you buy your ticket below.

  • Do not overlap your ticket times if you are shopping on both sides, cleaning has to happen between times  as per covid protocols.

For example:  CAN buy Floor Two from 9:30 to 11 then buy ticket from  Floor one 11am to 12:30pm.          

                            CAN NOT buy  Floor One 9am to 10:30am  and a ticket from Floor Two 9:30am to 11am

  • The two floors are separate you must exit one floor and go through the re-entry process to get into the second floor.
  • Shoppers can not go between floors during the same time slot.
  • All ticket sales are final.  
  •  We realize that PayPal is not giving you a reciept with time and day of entry.  We will email you this information to bring to the door. Please look in you mail box for an email from

Ticket holders can access the floor up to 1/2 hr past their chosen ticket time.  After this 1/2 hour we will open the doors for walk-ins.   

Read before you buy

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Floor One November 28th

Floor One Nov 28

Floor One November 29th

Floor One Nov 29

Floor One December 4th

Floor One Dec 4th

Floor One December 5th

Floor One Dec 5th

Floor One Dec 6th

Floor One Dec 6th

Floor One November 27th

Floor One Nov 27th

Floor Two November 28th

Floor Two Nov 28

Floor Two November 29th

Floor Two Nov 29

Floor Two December 4th

Floor Two Dec 4th

Floor Two December 5th

Floor Two Dec 5

Floor Two Dec 6th

Floor Two Dec 6th

Floor Two November 27th

Floor Two Nov 27
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