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 All About Expos is an event organization that hosts three different types of expos: The Christmas Gifts Expo, A Taste of the Valley, and the Train and Hobby Show.  These expos provide a fun and casual atmosphere for visitors to come and shop.

The Christmas Gift Expo is held during the holiday season and offers a wide variety of gift options for the shoppers.  It's a great place to find unique and creative presents for your love ones.

A Taste of the Valley is an expo that focuses on showcasing the culinary delights of the local region.  Visitors can explore different food and beverage vendors, sample delicious treats and even purchase some specialty products.

The Train and Hobby Show caters to train enthusiasts and hobbyists.  It's an opportunity for people with a passion for model trains, remote-controlled vehicles, and various other hobbies to come together and browse through a diverse range of products related to their interests.

All the expos hosted by All About Expos take place in Chilliwack Heritage Park, which serves as the venue for these events.

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If you have any specific question about the expos or need more information, feel free to ask!